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10 Travel-approved Jewelry Cases for Your Next Trip

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What's better than taking a good long vacation, trying different cuisines, and making memories? What's better than capturing these moments in Instagrammable pictures to calm your soul down, to give it the break it deserves, to refresh and rejuvenate? While taking trips is a joyous, thrilling, and excitement-filled experience, preparing for that trip can give you severe headaches. Finding less expensive tickets, making checklists for all the items needed, scrounging your wardrobe for the most beautiful dresses to take, how to adjust your sandals and shoes in the bag which is already overflowing and the struggles go on and on. But wait, do you also worry about organizing and keeping your jewelry for the trip in one place so that you don't face any issues? Not often right and then you end up losing half your items! They get damaged, or you think of them so last minute that you pack all unnecessary jewelry that you don't even require. Get better prepared for your next trip with these different jewelry organizers and have one of the most enjoyable times of your life.

 Foldable Hanger Jewelry bag

For people who love to make a mess while getting ready, this Jewelry bag is a total necessity while traveling. Imagine you went on a trekking trip and took out all your stuff to get ready, but after doing makeup you realize what a mess you've made on the bed. All your makeup lay scattered around and those small studs and pendants which you kept for wearing later are nowhere to be found in this huge pile. I am sure you don't want to keep the adventurous trip waiting just because you couldn't find your jewelry but it will dampen your mood. So don't forget to take this super organized bag which you can hang and get ready without losing your jewelry in the mess.

Small case for jewelry

For those mini earrings that like to go on mini trips until it is finally lost. Delicate pendant chains that always find their way to get tangled with other chains, and those small butterfly-shaped hair clips that are too fragile to even keep with other jewelry, these small jewelry cases are a must. They come in different cute little compartments, long ones for pendants, small ones for earrings, rings, and hair clips, and one comparatively larger compartment for bracelets and heavier jewelry. When preparing an essential checklist for your next trip, be sure to add this very small travel case and be prepared to have comfortable, hassle-free traveling!

Big jewelry organizers

Weddings and family functions can be a headache in itself let alone being a destination one. Though the fun, excitement, and absolutely magical moments created at these weddings are worth every single trouble. Make your trip a more stress-free one with these big jewelry organizers where you can store those heavy and elaborate necklaces, earrings, hair bands, hair vines, bracelets, waist chains and so many more. Keep worries like “what if something gets broken”, “what if its polish gets ruined” etc, out of your mind with these big and neatly compartmentalized jewelry organizers.

Small jewelry organizers

While big jewelry organizers are extremely helpful in packing in every item that you're confused about. Whether to take it with you or not, it is not always practical and comfortable to carry around and pack with already overloaded luggage. Also for trips that don't require you to wear such heavy jewelry, big organizers can be unnecessary to carry. For this very reason, you have to keep a smaller, more compact version of those big jewelry organizers so that all your required jewelry is kept organized and safe without taking up much space and you can travel without unnecessary weight to carry.

Dual organizers

While our shimmery statement jewelry pieces are a travel must-item, we are sidetracking other important accessories like sunglasses, mask chains, small scarfs, etc. Now even if we remember how much needed these items are, we often end up not keeping them with us because of a shortage of space or simply because they may break inside already-loaded bags. Even if we do keep them, do we remember using them? For me, they always get buried under my other items and I am only reminded of them when I am unpacking. Make sure this doesn't happen to you and use dual organizers wherein you can put your jewelry as well as other accessories in separate compartments.

Roll organizer bag for jewelry

How many times has this happened to you that you're unable to stop yourself from keeping all the gorgeous clothes you own, you end up having no space in your bags left for jewelry bags or other organizers? or maybe you have weight restraints by airlines and you are already packed with much more essential items that you have to compromise on your pretty, exquisite jewelry piece that would have made your trip and your pictures way better? Trust me I know how it feels! That's why I recommend purchasing roll organizer bags that have useful compartments in which you can put all the required jewelry and roll it up so that it takes minimal space and it gets so compact that you can even put it inside your handbag. Take your jewelry wherever you go with these organizers.

Quilted Organizers

Doesn't it feel horrible to be torn between taking your most prized and loved jewelry on your trips and keeping them safe from all the potential travel damage that may happen to them? “What if the stone comes out?”, “what if the clasp gets broken”, “it's so expensive I cannot afford to get it broken”, I don't know how many times I have been plagued with these thoughts when deciding to take them with me on my trips or destination weddings. Now you don't have to be troubled by these questions as Quilted Organizers will keep your jewelry safe, its polish intact, and you happy and gorgeous.

Mirrored organizers

We cannot thank companies enough for manufacturing these mirrored organizers. Whether it's getting ready on the go, needing small mirrors for eyeliners, wearing small earing, or traveling to places where you are unlikely to find a mirror, this Jewelry organizer stays with you through thick and thin. No more stressing over how you're going to get ready on a jungle safari trip or not getting any empty room for your touchup in weddings.

Ring boxes

This delicate, pretty, and elegant jewelry pieces can level up any outfit, any look but the challenge lies in keeping them safely without losing them either from your travel bag, table tops, or as mentioned earlier, a messy bed. This jewelry is next in line after scrunchies in getting the most easily lost items. Now it's time for things to change. With these cute small ring boxes, you can keep all your rings in one place secured with hooks so that your jewelry doesn't travel to different places than you.

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