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Types of Footwear That Every Woman Should Own

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Footwears are a kind of first and long-lasting love for women. They have a different kind of relationship with their footwear. As everyone knows, women have a huge wardrobe. Thus, to match every dress they need specific footwear to go on. Like women's dresses and attires have a vast category, they also have versatility in footwear options. Footwear's come in a variety that is divided into multiple categories. To demonstrate some of the categories, these are shoes, sandals, heels, and boots. These are the broad categories under which sub-types of footwear are divided. Women have a lot to choose from, be it lipstick colors to footwear types. Discovering new and fancy footwear pieces is a precise selection to be made. Having a good pair of footwear makes it easy to style any attire. Along with this women should majorly focus on such types of footwear that go well on mostly every dress they own. Having a specific style of footwear will not offer you versatility. Now here are some of the unique types of footwear that every woman should own. To make the best selection regarding your footwear, consider the below-mentioned categories.


Canvas shoes

On top of the list is canvas, they are an evergreen footwear type. Canvas shoes are casual footwear to opt for casual outfits fearlessly. They give you the freedom to rock and shine your normal casual attire and dresses. Canvas shoes have a large variety of types to choose from. They go well with street-style jumpsuits, casual one-piece, smart casuals, and pants as well. So having one canvas of shoes will be a blessing to you in disguise. Here, disguise refers to the confusing situation where it becomes difficult to choose your footwear.



Sandals are the savior for every woman. Sandals have various subcategories to choose from. They are open-toe footwear that goes well in a warmer atmosphere. Sandals can almost rock every outfit you own. All you need is to select the right pair of sandals and that's all. With unique designs and patterns, they have every woman's heart. Cultural and custom design sandals fire up traditional looks as well.


Platform Heels

Platform heels are one of the sexiest footwear to have. They are just loved. They give the best finish to an overall look for parties and club nights. Not only this but also any organized or big meetings go perfectly with standard outfits. Platform heels come in a variety of colors that looks super hot on smart dresses. You will surely find one pair of platform heels with almost every woman. No woman can survive without platform heels. With a block, comfortable heel design, and toe to ankle cover, these types of heels give all-in-one advantages.


Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots give a classy and smart look to every woman. These types of boots go well with smartly designed casual outfits. Along with a touch of cowboy boots the overall look gives classy vibes. Cowboy boots in leather touch are extremely amazing and important to afford. Having one of them can help you rock your extraordinary outing look.



Pumps are one of the heel pattern footwear. These heels are super sleek and edged. They have amazing and stylish designs to choose from. Pumps go well with super stylish, pantsuits, pencil skirts, and long formal dresses. So basically any outfit that gives urban and chic vibes, pumps go well. Pumps are a must to have if you are workaholic women, who usually go outs for official meets. Also if you have frequent party trips then surely go for pumps.


Kitten Heels

Kitten heels footwear has small and sleek heels, which range from 1.5 to 1.85 inches. They are one of the best formal heels to opt for. They go well with formal dresses and attires. They give perfect power-packed woman vibes.


Ankle booties

Ankle booties go well for winter occasions. They are comfiest and fluffy inside giving all the required warmth. They are best suitable for the winter season. Ankle booties mark the high fashion standards. They give you an extremely classy maintained appearance. These kinds of footwear are like a cherry on the cake. They can ultimately make an ordinary outfit the hottest one.



Wedges are those heel patterns that provide both sole and sleek heels. They are unique heels that provide one of the best footwear styles. The soles of this footwear are comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can enjoy comfort and style most casually. They provide you with a modern and smart footwear look.



Oxford is best suited for formal shoes. From ancient times, these shoes were in trend. They now have gained much popularity and versatility over time. Oxford is nothing but the most basic formal footwear to opt for. They are best if you are someone who looks up to simple, casual, and classy formal footwear.



If you are a woman searching for both shoe and heel combo, then have a look at mules. Mules are designed most uniquely. They have a shoe look, toe covered, and back open design, accompanied by heels. They give you one of the best designs to carry with an outfit. They can effortlessly give you smart casual footwear looks.



Under the category of formal shoes, loafers are the most comfortable option. They come in unique patterns and fabrics with which they are made. Leather loafers give the most unusual crazy look to you. Loafers for the woman now have hundreds of options to choose from. Loafers can be a simple authentic option to go for a casual comfy appearance.



How can someone resist buying sneakers? They give both sporty and casual vibes. They are available in numerous patterns and styles to choose from. They add to your bare foot most comfortably. Sneakers are surely attractive and loving pairs to have. If you are someone who always prefers having casual comfy outfits and attires. Then you must have sneakers as a savior. Sneakers can also go for simple and smart events.

Not only this, hundreds of options are there for a woman. Women's footwear can never have a limit. With the growing time, they will emerge and invent in the most creative ways. Thus, go and have your best-ever footwear pairs. Ladies if you want to rock the floor then have some sexy shoes on. Women are blessed to have the authority to make a selection from a variety of products. Thus, enjoy your authority and persist with the best products with you. Footwear is like the final touch to your overall look and thus, should be very precise.

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